Conversations at the intersection of technology, public policy, and urban development.

Tune into interviews with leaders in Smart Cities as they share their journeys & the real-world impact of their work. We'll be joined by technologists, policymakers, urbanists, researchers, changemakers, consultants, and many many more!

How it started

After years of soul searching, I had finally realized my interests in Smart Cities, but still had some lingering questions.

  • How do I  navigate the plethora of resources available?
  • Where do even begin my journey into entering this field?
  • What does "impact" look like in this field?

A few conversations, couple hours of brainstorming, and several cups of espresso later, The Urban Loop was born. This blog and podcast are my attempts at answering those questions.

I hope that the content here will prove an invaluable resource for those interested in learning about or pursuing a career in Smart Cities.

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